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Coiled aviator cable
Coiled aviator cable
Coiled aviator cable
Coiled aviator cable

Coiled aviator cable

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Do you want to take your setup to better aesthetic levels? New keyboards, lights and accessories are cool, but our coiled aviator cable adds something different to your setup. Every cable is tailored and handmade just for you. Choose the colour of the paracord, tech flex and heat shrink. Whatever colour you choose, you’ll be enhancing the look of your keyboard and setup.

What makes the cable so special?

Attaches in seconds - Simply connect your keyboard and desktop to the aviator connector (it only takes a few seconds). It’s perfect for those who change keyboards frequently.

Add a magical touch to your setup - Each cable is handmade just for your spec. Choose a paracord, tech flex and heat shrink colour. Personalised and distinctive for your setup.

Perfect for any mechanical keyboard - USB type C connection, making the coiled cable perfect for most keyboards.

Tested & reliable - Great craftsmanship. Your aviator cable will be with you for years to come.

Your purchase includes a cable set consisting of:

● 1.5m USB A -> aviator cable
● 30 cm coiled aviator -> type C